Why should I register at SSV Matrimonial site?

Are you looking for a loving and caring companion? Everyone does, but the fact is that finding someone like that is a challenging task. Though there are various avenues, the internet has changed how we do things and this also includes finding a life partner. SSV Matriominal site is here to help you in finding the perfect partner. Yes, there are few negative aspects, but there are numerous benefits that our good and reliable matrimonial website can offer:

  • One of the biggest benefits of using our SSV matrimonial site is that they allow you to conduct a widespread search for a life partner within the Vokkaliga Community.
  • Another benefit of our SSV matrimonial site is that it offers easy accessibility - anywhere at any time. You can get transparent access to the profiles of potential partners and find out their information without any problem from the comfort of your home.
  • Another reason to use our matrimonial site is to narrow down your search for a life partner based on the various filters as per your preference.
  • There is no denying that using our matrimonial websites can save you time and money. With the registration fee being minimal and not much considering the benefits they have to offer.

How can I register at SSV Matrimonial site?

Registration process is very simple and completed online within 10 minutes of your time. You need to visit our website and click on Login/Register button.

  • If you have not registered, click on the "Register Now" button.
  • The first step is to enter your contact details and receive the OTP to your mobile/email provided.
  • Once you confirm the OTP successfully, you will needto fill the basic details of yourself and upload Caste Certificate/Self Declaration form for us to confirm the caste.
  • After providing the details, you can select one of the Plans suitable for you and proceed to make the payment online.
  • Once you have completed the payment, you are all set to login and update your profile and search for profiles that you are interested to look into.

What are the various plans that I can select from?

The Basic Registration Amount is Rs.1500/-. Once you complete registration, your profile will be active for 1 Year. Along with the Basic Registration Fee, you will have to opt for one of the Plans from below:

  • Gold (Rs.500/-)- You can Login for 3 Months; Access & Update your profile; View upto 75 Profiles
  • Diamond (Rs.800/-)- You can Login for 6 Months; Access & Update your profile; View upto 150 Profiles
  • Platinum (Rs.1200/-)- You can Login for 1 Year; Access & Update your profile; View upto 250 Profiles

How do I update my profile?

First, visit our website and click on Login/Register button. In the login screen, enter your user details.

Username is your mobile no entered during the registration process and the password you entered while finishing the same.

Once you login, you will be redirected to your Profile screen. You can view all the details and also an option to "Edit Profile" is provided. You can click on it and modify the details accordingly (along with uploading photos)

What if I forgot the password to login ?

First, visit our website and click on Login/Register button. In the login screen, you can see the "Forgot Password?" option. Click on that button and enter your Contact No and Email-ID provided during the Registration pocess. A password reset link will be sent to you and you can create a new password accordingly for your account.

If you are unable to provide the valid contact details and you have forgot even those information, please contact the Samaja Samparka Vedike Office and provide relevant data. They will help you with next steps

How does search and filter work?

Search and filter like any other website you have used (example Flipkart or Amazon). You can search & filter via two options:

  • All Profiles Page - The certain important filtering criteria are provided in the left panel and click on "Filter" button to fetch the filtered results
    • Search Page - Where you can enter multiple filtering criteria (detailed options) and the results are diplsayed accordingly.

What is "Bookmark" option in the other Profiles that I view ?

This is an exclusive feature provided by SSV Matrimonial to you for keeping track of any profiles that you liked/shortlisted and want to showcase it to others (parents/siblings) to take it forward. In this way, you need not have to remember the IDs of the profiles that you liked.

You can bookmark maximum upto 5 Bookmarks at a given time. You can Remove Bookmark of one profile and mark another one at any time.

How will I know the expiry date of my plan? What is the way to know the count of profiles visited?

All the details will be highlighted in your profile page. The right side panel has the details:

  • Plan Opted (Gold/Diamond/Platinum)
  • Profile Created Date
  • Profile Expiry Date (One year from registration)
  • Plan Expiry Date
  • Profiles Viewed (Count of the profiles)
  • We also have recently viewed profiles section below (right side), which help in tracking the profiles you have visited.

How secure is my personal details in the SSV Matrimonial site?

Each profile posted on the site is screened by our Team to ensure that the content provided is appropriate and relevant to the site. We try to validate the information provided by an individual to the best of our knowledge.

We also have a Report Abuse section so that any unwanted activities can be reported to us for us to take prompt action against the guilty parties which includes blocking the member from the site.

At SSV Matrimonial site, we are committed to the safety and security of our members and do all we can to protect members privacy. You can check our Privacy Policy page for more details

If I register online, can me/parents visit the office for physical file records?

Yes. There is no stopping anyone from visiting the Vedike's office. We are providing this Online Matrimonial site only for the convenience of the users and make it more accessible across the globe.

However, if you or your parents wish to visit the office, you can always do so during the Office Hours and by providing the valid credentials when asked for.

How can I delete my profile?

We request that you please inform us once your marriage is fixed, so that we can deactivate the profile accoridngly. It is a sincere ask from our end to update us at any time that you need the profile to be deleted. It is ok if you do not invite us for the wedding, but keeping us informed will reduce unnecessary calls/communication for you.

However, one disclaimer is that the data might not be entirely erased from the server and we will use it for internal purposes/legal purposes.